Self Mixing Cup

You just turn the PEGTOP cup with your hand, and it continues to spin like a top, stirring tea or coffee

with sugar or milk without a teaspoon!

You can make your friend and relatives happy, because the PEGTOP cup allows to avoid the necessity of  washing teaspoons and hearing the sound, it transforms the process of tea/coffee-time to an exciting game!

How it works?

PEGTOP cup is made of porcelain and doesn’t contain any complex mechanisms, magnets or engines. That’s why it can be washed even in a dishwashing machine.

The special patented construction consists of two parts – a saucer with a bulge and a cup with  a hollow in the central part of the bottom. That’s why the cup is spinning steadily on a saucer’s bulge.


The sides of the cup have two opposite edges inclined to the side of spinning. Theses edges twist and direct the fluid streams down, which guarantees nice stir without splashing.


The cup is brought into action by hand and continues to spin by means of inertial forces. This principle was borrowed from a toy – peg top. That’s why our product has this name.


History of creation

The idea of PEGTOP was created in 2009 by a young Russian designer – Anastasia Gavrilova.


Being a student of the Institute of Architecture and Art at SFedU (Southern Federal University), Anastasia had educational experience in London. There, in cheap student cafes Anastasia faced a problem of teaspoons shortage, that’s why she started spinning the cup, trying to mix coffee with creame.


In 2012, Anastasia met her future husband Rafael Gainullin and they both started the development and realization of the longtime idea.

Soon the creative union got the first win – the final of an international design competition Red Dot Design Concept. A little bit later the video with concept demonstration emerged on resource and for the period of 4 days managed to get more than 120 000 views on YouTube!

The burst of letters from all over the world induced designers to launch a project in realization. The innovation was successfully patented and the search of interested manufacturers was started.  

For the first time, the final prototype was demonstrated in public in 2014. It happened at Milan design week, where PEGTOP cup caused a sensation! A lot of visitors were coming back to the stand and describe the product to their friends and relatives. It was obvious, that the manufacture should be started immediately.

However, the search of an interested and honest manufacturer didn’t crown the success. Because the manufacture of such an innovative product is an ambitious experiment, enterprises don’t want to take risk and invest money in it.

That’s why it was determined to use crowdfunding. A lot of people believed in a project and provided financial support in return of getting the readymade cups after its manufacture. The needed sum was collected in February, 2015 and the order for the cups manufacture was placed at one of the porcelain factories.

The product design was honored with a golden trophy of a famous international competition A'DESIGN AWARD (Italy) in April, 2015. PEGTOP cup was exhibited in the museum of outstanding design as a part of the exposition “MOOD” (Milan/Amsterdam/Dublin).

In 2018, PEGTOP cup was noted with a prestigious bonus EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD. The awarding ceremony took place in the museum of modern design “ADAM” in Brussels.


Media publications

News on RT (English)

Marvel of engineering on NTV (Russian)

Ideal repairs on Channel One (Russian)

The anatomy of the day on NTV (Russian)

Also, PEGTOP cup was mentioned in diverse programs: "Home question" (NTV), News of week (Rossiya), informative film about designers (Moscow 24), News 41 (Ekaterinburg) etc.


Press publications: INTERNI (Italy, Russia), OBJECT, Kommersant, Raum und wohnen (Switzerland), Hi Home etc. Numerous mentioning in blogs and online-journals: The Village, Habrahabr, Gizmodo, Croudhunters, Consumers Compas etc.


Where can I buy it?

We are the only copyright holder and official supplier of PEGTOP cup, that’s why it is sold only through our online-shop PEGTOPCUP.COM (this is the web-site).

Product specification

Product specification

Color: white

Material: porcelain

Cup’s dimensions: 92x92x92 mm (+/-  2 mm)
Saucer’s dimensions: 137x137x15 mm (+/-  2 mm)
Capacity of the cup (recommended): 250 ml

Full size (when filling to the brim): 320 ml
Gross weight: 0,6 kg.


The cup is delivered in the original plastic boxing (150x150x150 mm) with description and instructions.

Sorry! Retail sale of PEGTOP cups is temporarily unavailable.

You can leave your E-mail and we will notify you about the new batch.

1590 руб.


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